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Missing shingles. Minor hail damage. Small areas of rot. It is common for roofs to sustain damage and experience wear and tear over time. So when you see something wrong with your roof, don’t panic. The expert roof repair specialists at Frontline can get your home back in perfect order.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have repaired roofs of all kinds across McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. Metal, tile, and shingle – If it is damaged, we can fix it. And with industry-leading warranties and 5-star reviews, we have the proven track record you need to hire us with confidence.


    Get Your Free Quote Now Roofing Emergency Repair In McAllen, TX

    Your roof is a necessity. When it needs repair, you cannot wait days or weeks to get it fixed. You need emergency repair available now. As one of the most trusted roofing businesses in McAllen, we leverage our years of expertise, skilled teams and commitment to customer service to get you the roof repairs you need when you need them.

    Leaky Roofs

    Even a small leak can lead to major water damage. From eating away at the underlayment to irrevocably ruining your drywall, a leak needs to be stopped. Our experts leverage long-lasting repairs that give your roof years of damage-free life.

    Damaged Shingles

    If a branch crashed into a section of your roof, or hail took out a portion of your home’s protection, our experts can seamlessly patch any holds or replace any shingles and make it look as good as new.

    Storm-Related Damage

    Don’t worry about the effect of wind or hail on your roof. After a major storm, we can come out to assess your roof for FREE, make suggestions for repairs, and work with your insurance company to get you covered.

    Personalized Solutions

    Roof repairs can take many different forms, and we specialize in all of them. From patching to replacement, we offer solutions, backed by industry-leading warranties, that protect your specific home for years to come.

    30+ Years of Fixing Roofs in McAllen, TX

    Don’t get lost in the sea of roofers in McAllen. Frontline Home Solutions has been repairing roofs for more than 30 years. Yours could still be standing in another 30 if you choose our skill and expertise for your project.

    Proven Results

    Each of our roof repair technicians possesses years of experience and time on hundreds of roofs to bring to your home. There is a reason more than 240 customers give our service 5 stars.

    Prompt Service

    We don’t let you wait while water damage takes over your house. Our emergency roof repairs in McAllen get you assessed, repaired, or replaced immediately.

    High-Quality Materials

    Your roof repair should not fail in the next few months or years. We offer the industry’s longest-lasting roofing warranties because of our commitment to industry-leading materials that do not fail.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    We help you through every step of the roof repair process. We can both assess and repair, patch and replace your roof as needed to get you the roof you require.

    25-Year Roof Repair Warranties

    Enjoy a roof repair that lasts as long as the rest of your roof. Our dedication to high-quality materials and total integrity guarantees you two and a half decades of worry-free, water-free protection.

    • Current roof condition
    • Current roof damage
    • Repair or replacement needed
    • Maintenance needed
    • Life expectancy of the roof
    • Type of roof

    Once you have your report in hand, you will have a blueprint to your roof and next steps you should take.

    Get a Free Roof Inspection Today!

    Don’t spend another minute wondering about the condition of your roof. Get a free roof inspection from the Frontline experts and get a comprehensive look at what we can do to secure your home against water damage.

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