Energy Efficient Installations

As a provider of smart systems that improve lives, Frontline Home Solutions has the right, and affordable, solution to your home’s needs. We provide full home solutions like solar power, generators, roofing, insulation, security, and more to increase your quality of life and decrease your energy bills.

Energy-Efficient Installations

Our energy-efficient solutions are specifically designed to help you decrease your home’s energy use and reduce your overall carbon footprint. This helps you drastically reduce your electricity bills as your home becomes more independent.

Spray Foam Insulation

We deliver the expert installation spray foam insulation requires in order to effectively improve the regulation of your home’s temperature. Lower your energy bills while enjoying more warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Smart Thermostats

We can help you find and install a smart thermostat that will automatically regulate the heating and cooling of your home. With precise monitoring and adjustments, this thermostat customizes your home to your comfort level while reducing your energy bills.


Cut down on energy-sucking leaks in your doors and windows with weather sealing. Using premium materials, our experts can identify and rectify any areas where cool or hot air is coming into your home and forcing your energy bills up.

LED Lights

By using up to 75 percent less energy, these efficient lighting options provide beautiful, low-impact lighting throughout your home. We can help you identify the lighting you need for your home to ensure a stylish, energy-saving look in every room.

Tailored Energy Solutions

We help you assess your home’s current consumption, identify weaknesses that drain your energy, and create a tailored solution for your home. From insulation to light bulbs, we have the upgrades you need to add value and reduce energy consumption in your specific home.

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Frontline Home Solutions is proud to provide full home solutions along with exceptional customer service. Whether you need an expert to assess the best solution for you or you’re looking for a provider with financing options for a specific solution, we are dedicated to serving you with integrity.


We provide you with the latest in solar panel technology for your home. Our solutions offer the best in environmentally friendly energy independence.

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Whether your roof was damaged, is deteriorating with age, or you want to install roofing along with solar panels, we provide comprehensive roofing services across the Rio Grande Valley.

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As a company that strives to improve the lives of our clients and uplift our community, we provide professional generator installation and repair services designed to help you save.

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Energy-Efficient Installations

We protect your home against heat and cold with professionally installed insulation for any space. We specialize in spray foam insulation but offer solutions that fit your home project.

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We provide your home with the latest in smart security systems and customized solutions to protect your family and your possessions.

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HVAC Services

Experience affordable comfort with Frontline Home Solutions. Our energy-efficient HVAC services reduce costs, maintain comfort, and offer flexible financing.

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