Solar Panels McAllen/RGV

At Frontline Home Solutions, we provide cost-effective solar power solutions to residential and commercial properties in McAllen/RGV. Our expert assessments, flexible financing, and 25-year warranties make it easy for you to switch to clean energy and save on your electricity bills.

Professional Solar Panel Installations

Solar power is one of the most environmentally friendly, and cost effective, means of energy available today. Let us help you reap the benefits and eliminate skyrocketing electricity bills with the latest in solar panel technology. Our experts handle all aspects of your installation to make solar power faster and easier to access than ever before.

Expert Assessments

Our experts will provide the professional assessments you need to find the right solutions, and the right payment options, for your solar panel installation. Our experts will assess your home to determine your energy usage and the best placement for your panels and help assess whether your new solar energy system qualifies for tax credits.

Flexible Financing

We also make it easy to afford your new solar energy system with flexible financing offers. We offer $0.00 installations for new solar energy systems with payments as low as $49.99. Other incentives you may be eligible for include federal tax credits and an offer of $1,000 cash back or 1 year payment free.

25-Year Warranties

As a local company with extensive experience in the Rio Grande Valley, we leverage our extensive industry connections to provide warranties of up to 25 years so you can have long-lasting peace of mind. As the best warranties in the industry, these options make it possible to install solar power with confidence.

Reduced Energy Bills

Say goodbye to your energy bills with our solar power solutions. We make it possible to save thousands on your electricity bills. That makes our solar power installations the environmentally friendly and affordable way to upgrade your home’s power.

We’re Using Solar Power to Simplify Your Life, Reduce Your Energy Bill, and Clean up the Environment

Enjoy guaranteed savings on utility costs by putting the power of solar energy to work in your home. Our professional approach focuses on creating solar power systems that blend seamlessly into the building while creating energy savings that cannot be ignored. Our commitment to serving you with integrity makes us the reliable solar power providers our clients need.

Solar Power for everyone

We enable both homes and businesses to take advantage of the powerful investment, and green energy approach, that is solar power.

Residential Solar Power Solutions

We deliver solar power to residential homes across the Rio Grande Valley, working with homeowners to determine the best placement and product selection possible to garner them maximum energy and cost savings. The result is affordable and powerful solar energy solutions that give homeowners access to the environmentally-friendly and transformative power of the sun.

commercial Solar Power Solutions

We deliver solar power solutions that immediately reduce business
operating costs and enable companies to pay off their solar power systems in about 5 years. Thanks to customized placement and products, we enable businesses to address their unique energy needs for the biggest possible positive impact on both the company and the environment.

More services

Frontline Home Solutions is proud to provide full home solutions along with exceptional customer service. Whether you need an expert to assess the best solution for you or you’re looking for a provider with financing options for a specific solution, we are dedicated to serving you with integrity.


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