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The roof is arguably the most essential component of a building, providing shelter and protection from the elements. A roof with no damage can last between 12 to 50 years – depending on the material used to construct the roof, the climate and the humidity the roof is exposed to. Regular roof inspection and maintenance are necessary to prevent any damage to the building or content in the building because of a damaged roof.

Here we will discuss the seven most common roof repairs in McAllen that you need to know about. Understanding these repairs can help you identify potential issues to be proactive.

1. Leaks and Water Damage Repair

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One of the most common issues homeowners face with a roof is leaks. Various problems can cause leaks, such as insufficient underlayment, improper ventilation, poor quality, damaged or missing shingles, cracked flashing, clogged gutters, worn pipe boots or inadequate installation.

Water damage is caused by standing water entering the roof through cracked shingles, small penetrations, or weak areas. This is a common problem with flat roofs, but every roof must have proper drainage. Stagnant water can cause ice dams that can lead to rotting fascia boards, spreading to the rest of the roof if left unrestored.

Leaky roofs can damage the foundation, walls and paintwork, cause electrical short-circuits, and damage furniture and floor coverings. Mold growth is another problem caused by leaking and standing water that can impact the health of the inhabitants.

It must be addressed immediately once you see watermarks down the walls, standing water, or become aware of a leaking roof. A professional roofer is a solution to assist you with proper repair and prevention of a repeat.

2. Fascia Replacement

The wooden board that protects the roof’s lower edge is typically found behind the gutters and support of the roof and acts as the first layer of protection against weather elements. Fascia boards being damaged or not fastened correctly makes the roof susceptible to problems like water damage, animal infestation, mold growth, cracks and holes. A fascia board can be replaced in parts or as a whole, depending on the damage and age of the board. Frontline Home Solutions is the answer if you suspect your fascia boards are damaged. They can do a professional inspection and replacement to give you peace of mind.

3. Rotting Roof Deck Replacement

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The roof deck is part of the structure that supports the materials on the surface of your roof. A well-constructed roof deck comprises plywood that is at least a half-inch thick. The plywood must stay clean, dry and adequately secured to the rafters. It is a dimensionally stable wood but, with exposure to moisture, can easily warp, rot, and delaminate.

A roof deck can start rotting when:

  • it is exposed to moisture leaking in from the outside.
  • warm, moist air has migrated from the building into the attic.
  • moisture is trapped inside due to summer or fall weather conditions.

When you regularly notice condensation on your windows, a similar situation might exist in the attic. Have it checked out by a roofing expert sooner rather than later to avoid exuberant costs. Portions of the roof deck can be removed or replaced, but it is necessary to be inspected by an expert to determine if it is required to replace the whole deck or only the affected pieces.

4. Flashing Repair

Improper flashing installation or wear and tear can result in damaged flashing. Flashing is vital in leak prevention at the most vulnerable areas of your roof, including chimneys, valleys, around dormers and skylights, and plumbing stacks. Flashing is made of weatherproof plastic, aluminium, or steel. It is installed to protect the weakest areas of the roof to protect creases on fixtures and connections to expand and contract to shed water away. This protects the weak parts from leaking, but when the flashing has not been correctly mounted onto the roof, the connection becomes more vulnerable to cracks, leading to water penetration and leaks. Therefore, inspecting these areas to prevent further damage regularly is essential. A professional roofer needs to repair and reinstall flashing.

5. Shingle / Tile Replacement

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It is a huge mistake to underestimate the importance of the shingles on the roof. Replacing shingles might not seem a priority, but if left, more damage is imminent – at a higher cost and with more damage to the roof that goes deeper than the surface. Roof shingles experience a lot of wear and tear and are constantly contracting and expanding in extreme weather experienced in McAllen. Shingles and tiles start lifting, curling, breaking, or shrinking. Even if a small section of the roof needs repairs, moisture can get in and compromise the rest of the roof. Once signs of damage are noticed, it should be repaired immediately. Periodic inspection is necessary after experiencing extreme weather conditions, and replacement of shingles should be done immediately.

6. Clearing Roof and Gutters of Debris and Standing Water

Extreme weather conditions are one of the most common causes of roof damage. A tree branch falling on the roof can cause significant damage. The impact can knock shingles out of place, resulting in the collapse of an entire roof section. It is not only the more prominent branches causing impact damage but also smaller branches rubbing against the roof for a long time. It deteriorates the roof’s material, leading to shingles or flashing problems. In addition, the smaller branches cause clogging of the gutters, causing water to seep into the eaves resulting in rotting. The roof must be cleared of debris, and the trees and hedges close to the roof be trimmed to prevent damage and replacing damaged shingles and tiles should be done immediately.

Water can be prevented from forming pools on the roof and seeping underneath the roof with correctly installed material, such as a drip edge. A drip edge, also called a gutter apron, is the metal flashing installed at the edges of your roof necessary to keep the water away from the fascia and from getting underneath the roofing. If this is not part of the initial installation, it can be done by expert roofers to prevent future damage.

Damage can be caused by rain and hail as well. The battery can cause shingles to crack or become dented, which leads to leaks or further damage if not addressed. Such impact damage is when hailstones hit the roof with significant force. As hail is prevalent in Texas, with almost 700 hail events every year and the hail season lasting up to six months, it is crucial to be proactive and have an expert assess your roof, pinpoint any problems, and offer comprehensive solutions covered by your insurance.

7. Improper Attic Ventilation

Poor or improper attic ventilation is one of the most common reasons for premature roof failure. It causes heat buildup in the attic, damages the sheathing, and deteriorates the shingles. Drying the shingles out from the underside loses the granulosa, protecting them from UV rays. The shingles then lose their shape and protective oils resulting in leakage and shingle buckling. Poor ventilation also causes moisture to accumulate, which raises the temperature in the building. In the wintertime, it contributes to ice dams causing structural issues. As soon as you experience extreme heat in your attic, notice the deterioration of the roof materials, see mold or mildew buildup, or ice dams, get help urgently to get the attic ventilated correctly. A roof inspection by an experienced contractor can give you the correct answer to determine the proper amount of insulation needed.

Neglect or Poor Maintenance

The biggest issue regarding roofs is the need for regular roof maintenance. It is essential for routine maintenance once a year by a qualified and experienced roofer to give you professional service and keep your roof – and home – in perfect condition. Look no further than Frontline Home Solutions and let us help you to improve your roof.

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