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Frontline Home Solutions is a provider of full home solutions in Greater St Louis Missouri area. We provide solar power, generators, roofing, insulation, security, and more. Because we are committed to slashing your energy bills and upgrading your home’s features, comfort, and value, we offer you FREE estimates on all of our services. If you are ready to see how our solutions can add value to your Missouri home, without adding a burden to your budget, request your free quote and let’s get started!


    Solar Energy, Roofing, Security, and Energy-Efficient Upgrades

    We work with integrity to offer you decades of expertise you can trust in any area of your Greater St Louis, Missouri home. From your roof to your insulation, your HVAC system to your backup power, we combine affordable, cost-cutting solutions with exceptional customer service. Let us serve you from beginning to end with the right solutions, the right financing, and the right results.

    Zero Money Down & Free Estimates

    We put people before profit. This means we help you get the financing you need and we don’t charge you for quotes. Our financing options boast interest rates as low as 2.99%*, we offer zero down payment solutions, and we even help you apply for tax credits to offset the cost of your solution. Of course, we’ll first do an at-home estimate – at no cost to you!

    25-Year Warranties

    As a local company with extensive experience in the Rio Grande Valley, we leverage our industry connections to provide warranties of up to 25 years so that you can have long-lasting peace of mind. We also take our production guarantees seriously – if we say a solution will meet a certain level of production, we’re willing to add more equipment to ensure that promise.

    Driven By Integrity

    We are in this business to improve the lives of our staff, our clients, and those in our community one exceptional experience at a time. Frontline Home Solutions is committed to doing good to the glory of God. Driven by values of honor and integrity, we do not cut corners or hike up costs. Rather, we use the best equipment possible and strive to serve the RGV with excellence.

    22 Years of Experience

    Our dedication to honest business and exceptional customer service is clear in our reputation. We have over 22 years of experience providing home solutions in the Rio Grande Valley, which has earned us 5-star reviews from over 240 clients.

    Experience The Frontline Difference

    We don’t just sell you solutions. We help to pinpoint the needs your home has and put people before profits in every single one of our interactions. With the unique ability to combine solutions, offer the best warranties in the industry, and deliver financing support, we are proud to serve Missouri and proud to serve you. Let us offer you

    • Zero money down and FREE estimates
    • 25-year warranties for long-lasting peace of mind.
    • 30+ years of experience
    • Production guarantees we honor
    • Client service that has earned us 240 5-star reviews
    • The best equipment and expertise possible

    About Frontline Home Solutions, LLC

    Frontline Home Solutions is a provider of full home solutions like solar power, generators, roofing, insulation, security, and more. Because we are committed to doing good to the glory of God, we strive to help you eliminate exorbitant electricity costs and afford solutions that add value to your home.

    We help you identify the problem and find the right solution, with the unique ability to combine solutions. With the best warranties in the industry, financing support, excellent customer service, and a dedication to put people before profit, we are proud to serve Missouri.

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